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Mehlville School Board Elections Today!!!

After attending the candidate forum last month, I feel Venki Palamand, Samantha Stormer, and Jean Pretto will best serve our children, teachers, and community. They will be the first three candidates you see on the ballot. Please get out and

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Grover and the Republicans

After taking some time to think about what those Republicans that signed the Norquist tax pledge had actually done, it is clear to me that each one of those representatives violated their oath to serve their constituents and their country.

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This Is Our President

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Enjoying The Fireplace at Probstisms Election Headquarters

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The Big Day Is Here!

Election Day is almost here, folks. Know your polling place. Make your plan. Let your voice be heard!

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A Little Perspective

Let’s take a moment and think about the following scenario:

A young, white American woman and a young, white South African man conceive a child.

The woman gives birth to a healthy, white child . . .

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Akin, You Already Have Your Base

Dear Mr. Akin, You are wasting your money playing ads featuring blowhard Mike Huckabee here in St. Louis. He will not do anything to help you with the independents that you need to win this thing. In fact, it just

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For all of you young people out there who think you’re making some deep, intellectual statement by not voting, you’re not being deep, and you’re not being intellectual. You’re being a moron! Don’t be a moron. Vote!!!

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Political Discourse At Its Worst

From time to time, I receive colorful email messages through the contact form on my website.  Ever since Tim Probst of Washington State ran to represent his state in the Washington State Legislature, I get some messages for him too.

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Correlation Between Exposure to Different Cultures and Political Views?

Politics are a funny thing.  I am certainly not an expert and don’t claim to be fully informed on all issues, especially those involving economics.  My strongest views are based mainly in social issues, which stem from my involvement in

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