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The Big Day Is Here!

Election Day is almost here, folks. Know your polling place. Make your plan. Let your voice be heard!

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A Little Perspective

Let’s take a moment and think about the following scenario:

A young, white American woman and a young, white South African man conceive a child.

The woman gives birth to a healthy, white child . . .

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For all of you young people out there who think you’re making some deep, intellectual statement by not voting, you’re not being deep, and you’re not being intellectual. You’re being a moron! Don’t be a moron. Vote!!!

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President Obama Addresses Congress on Health Reform

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Happy Election Day!

Good morning everyone, and Happy Election Day! Now, get out and vote! Obama/Biden 2008

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Republicans Take The Subterranean Road

As is said, there’s the high road, and then there’s the low road, but now we’re seeing the subterranean road. I honestly thought it could not get lower, but the Republicans have unleashed one of the most negative, fear-mongering, hate-filled,

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Learn, Then Vote

I am asking all registered voters out there to please turn off the television, turn off the talk radio, turn off the opinion websites, and go to Barack Obama’s and John McCain’s websites and learn about each candidate’s positions that

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John McCain’s Meet The Press Interview

I just finished watching John McCain on Meet the Press, and I have a few observations. First off, much like his appearances in the debates, he looked like a very angry and grumpy old man. Considering that he received so

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Colin Powell Is Voting for Obama

I was on the edge of my seat this morning watching Meet The Press waiting for Colin Powell to make his endorsement. I was struck by the thoughtfulness with which he made his case for voting for Barack Obama. His

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A Heightened Reality

Sarah Palin was on SNL last night, and her skits were pretty funny, and she was a good sport. The great thing about SNL is that the cast and writers are able to say what they really think under the

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