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To All My iPhone Carrying Friends and Family

Good morning all. I have been wanting to test out the newest version of AIM for iPhone to see if the push notifications really work as they suggest, and I am quite happy to report that they absolutely do. What

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Taking Over the iPhone

So, I managed to talk my wife into letting me take her iPhone with me to the kids’ swimming lessons. I thought I would try out the WordPress app to see how well it works. I have to say that

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Why the Fuss Over iPhone Development?

Okay, I have to admit that I do not own an iPhone so my opinion may be a little off here, but why is there such a fuss over being able to develop for the iPhone? As a techno super

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Apple iPhone Talk Heating Up

Well, the talk is heating up again for Apple’s all but certain entry into the mobile phone market. ThinkSecret reported today that Apple has once again hooked up with Cingular to help them launch the iPhone. While this is great

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